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COVID-19: Supporting Small, and Resources for Surviving Financially

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Hey friends- I know this is a scary and extremely stressful time. Most of us have lost our jobs, our income, and we're panicking. I have been sent several links with temp jobs and resources, and I wanted to share those same ideas with you.

If you are fortunate enough to be off of work with an additional paid PTO for this crisis, I have also listed breweries (by state) doing to-go sales, and other ways you can help support.

Hopefully this ends soon.

Temp Jobs:

These places are hiring like crazy right now. I think they all offer health benefits as well.

- Amazon

- Costco

- Sam's Club

- Grocery Stores

- Shipt: grocery shop/delivery for people APPLY HERE

- Walmart

- Dominos Pizza

- H&S Bakery (Baltimore)

- I have been told that farms need the help, but don't have links or confirmation of that. Doesn't hurt to try.

Freelance Writers (or anyone with writing skills): LINK to photo below

Baltimore, Maryland Job: HERE

Baltimore, Maryland Virtually Tip Your Fave Bartenders + Servers: HERE

Bar/Beertender Emergency Assistance Program: HERE

Restaurant + Brewery Worker Relief Fund: Apply HERE

Restaurant Worker Grants: Apply HERE

Additional Resources for Restaurants and Restaurant Workers: HERE

Tell Congress to Support Restaurants and Their Employees: HERE

Apply for COVID-19 Unemployment

You are eligible to do this even if you have only partially lost hours and income. This link is specifically for CA, so try and locate the one that applies to you on your states website.


Trying to Support? Here's How You Can Help..

- Support small. Businesses are shutting down for good right now. Please consider purchasing from local markets, small breweries, friends who run shops and businesses. Share this info with your friends.

- Venmo or PayPal a virtual tip to your favorite Bartender or Server. Were you going to see a musician friend play a show? Send them the money you would have paid for that ticket.

Breweries Offering To-Go

(by US state, scroll to the end for the UK):

I was sent these by industry friends. Please let me know if anything is incorrect, or if you want to add anyone to the list. Please verify via social media or by phone/email to confirm.

These places are doing To-Go beer, some are offering food, and don't forget you can most likely purchase merch as well.

Find bottle shops and breweries around the world that deliver: Bottleshops.online

- A list for San Diego was already created by Beer Night in San Diego. HERE is the link.


- Back Forty

- Ferus


- Resolution Brewing Company: kegs, growlers, and bottles. regular hours.

- Turnagain Brewing: kegs, growlers bottles, 4-8 pm, Wednesday – Saturday.

- Anchorage Brewing Company: growlers, bottles, and cans. Monday-Sunday 12-8pm.

- Girdwood Brewing Company: Kegs, growlers, crowlers. 12-8 pm. Order ahead of time: 783-BREW.

- 49th State Brewing: new growlers, crowlers, bombers, 11-10pm.

- Odd Man Rushing Brewing: kegs, growlers, crowlers. 2-8 pm.

- King Street Brewing: Kegs, growlers, and cans. 5 to 8pm Tuesday and Wednesday, then hours TBD.

- Matanuska Brewing (Anc and ER): Growler fills. Regular hours 11am-10 pm.

- Barnaby Brewing (Juneau): kegs, growlers, mini-crowlers. Weds-Sat.

- Devils Club Brewing (Juneau): kegs (call ahead), growlers, and special bottles.

- Valdez Brewing: Kegs (sankey): growlers, and crowlers. Looking into corney kegs. 3-8pm daily.

- Midnite Mine Brewing (Fairbanks): 16oz cans. 4-8ish (maybe)

- Black Spruce Brewing (Fairbanks): growlers, crowlers, kegs. Regular hours, 4-8

- Hoodoo Brewing (Fairbanks): growlers, select cans, kegs. regular hours, 3-8.

*(Sent in by Adam K.)


- Crooked Tooth

- Wren House

California (non SD)

- Casa Agria

- Madewest

- Topa Topa

- Dionysus Brewing

- Gun Whale Ales

- Ventura Coast Brewing Company

- Libertine Brewing

- Strike Brewing

- Alosta Brewing

- Artifex

- Four Sons Brewing

- Firestone Walker

- Indie Brewery

- Altamont

- Moonraker Brewing

- Three Forks Brewery

- Windsor HomeBrew

- Green Cheek


- Blue Tile

- Wibby

- Liquid Mechanics

- Jagged Mountain

- Woods Boss

- Lone Tree

- Ska Brewing

-Baere Brewing

- Comrade Brewing

- Periodic Brewing

- Bonfire Brewing

- Endo Brewing

-Empourium Brewing Company


- Counterweight

- New Park Brewing

- Thomas Hooker

- Alvarium

- Kinsmen

- Twelve Percent Beer Project

- Back East

- Tribus

- New England Brewing Co

- Beer’d

- Five Churches

- Front Porch

- Bad Sons

- Skygazer

- Fox Farm

- CT Valley Brewing

- Relic

- Two Roads & Area Two

- Stony Creek

- Kent Falls

- The Beeracks

- Great Falls

- Half Full

- Stubborn Beauty


- Hidden Springs Ale Works

- Union Beer Store

- Barriehaus Brewing

- Bay Cannon Beer Co

- First Magnitude

- Big Top Brewing Co

- The Brew Hub

- Craft Beer Cellar


- Pontoon Brewing


- Waikiki Brewing


- Maplewood

- Pollyanna Brewing

- Wolf Den

- Sound Growler Brewing Co

- Begyle Brewing

- Half Acre

- Old Irving

- Alarmist

- Metropolitan

- Tighthead

- Roaring Table

- Mikerphone

- Noon Whistle

- Off Color

- Temperance

- Revolution

- Marz

- Only Child


- People's Brewing

- Brokerage Brewing


- Bissel Brothers

- Banded Brewing


- Mobtown

- Meadworks

- Monument City

- Union Craft Brewing

- Saints Row

- Denizens

- True Respite

- Idiom Brewing

- Crooked Crab

- Black Flag

- Manor Hill

- Sapwood Cellars

- Diamondback

- Nepenthe


- Lost Shoe Brewing

- Dorchester Brewing Co

- Trillium

- Vitamin Sea

- Exhibit A

- Progression


- Shorts Brewing

- Homes Brewing

- Arvon Brewing

- Mitten Brewing Company

- Speciation Artisan Ales


- OMNI Brewing

- Day Block Brewing


- 4Hands


- 2nd Shift

- Rockwell Beer Co

New Hampshire

- Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewing Co

New York

- Suarez Family

- Common Roots

- Sloop

- Mean Max

- Other Half

- Equilibrium

- Hudson Valley

- District 96

- Bronx Brewery

- Alewife Brewing Company

- SingleCut BeerSmiths

- Finback

- Grimm

- Svendale Brewing Company

- Bridge and Tunnel Brewery

- Transmitter

- LIC Beer Project

- Keg & Lantern

- Interboro


- Flagship

- Strong Rope Brewery

- Evil Twin

- Folksbier

- Big aLICe Brewing

- Fifth Hammer

- Rockaway

- Gun Hill

- Kills Boro

- Threes Brewing

- New Gowanus

North Carolina

- Resident Culture

- Pilot Brewing

- Ghost Harbor

- Thirsty Monk


- Wolf's Ridge

- Antiques on High

- Seventh Son


- Little Beast Brewing

- Leikam Brewing

- Culmination Brewing


- Mount Gretna Craft Brewing

- Crime and Punishment

- Vault Brewing

- Brewery ARS

- Free Will Brewing

Rhode Island

- Long Live Beerworks

South Carolina

- Charles Towne Fermetory


- Crosstown Brewing

- Boscos Squared


- Batch Brew House

- Blue Owl

- Lazarus (beer, coffee, tacos)

- St. Elmo

- Jesterking

- Austin Beer Works

- Back Unturned

- Live Oak

- Zilker Beer

- The ABGB

- Bluebonnet

- Circle Brew


- Roosters Brewing

- T.F. Brewing

- Uinta


- Aslin Brewing

- Audacious Aleworks

- Crooked Run

- Ocelot

- Old Ox

- Port City

- Settle Down Easy

- Solace

- Twinpanzee


- 20 Corners

- Wandering Hop

- Reubens Brews

- Joshs Taps and Caps

- Paradise Creek Brewery

- Best of Hands

- Tieton Cider

- Triplehorn Brewing

Washington D.C.


- Atlas Brew Works

- 3 Stars

- Bluejacket

- DC Brau - Hellbender

- Red Bear

- Right Proper


- 608 Brewing Co

UK Businesses Offering To-Go or Delivery Food, Beer, Books, Etc. By Craft Beer Hour: HERE

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